Social bookmarking is an online service that allows online users to share their content with backlinks to their website. There are lot of bookmarking sites from long time. Like- Digg, Delicious are very old site for bookmarking.

Nowadays you will get a lot of social bookmarking websites online. Most of them are free to sharing content by placing at least one back-link. There are two types of social bookmarking websites. One is "dofollow" and another is "nofollow" category.

Why Social Bookmarking is Important in SEO?

Social bookmarking sites give the option to generate backlinks to your website or web pages. That's why if you bookmark your web pages in social bookmarking websites/platforms, you will get backlinks from each of the platforms. This will help you to get a higher page rank for your website which impacts search engines.

Here is some verified Social Bookmarking websites, most of them are "Dofollow":

Xamly is a free social bookmarking website where you can submit your content by placing a backlink to your site.
 is a URL submission portal for free of cost with a backlink.

            is a link submission site for free of cost with a backlink.


Xokki offers content submission for free of cost. You can add your website including a short description of your website.

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